Bonus DLC Content:

Bonus DLC Content:

Overcomplicating makefiles

  • josefnpat: or should I make the repo?
  • bartbes: do that
  • josefnpat: ok, cool
  • josefnpat: the generate makefile for love
  • josefnpat: super smart
  • josefnpat: I like this idea
  • josefnpat: tons
  • bartbes: let's overcomplicate this
  • bartbes: we'll steal leafo's templating lib
  • josefnpat: hahah
  • bartbes: then run it from moonscript
  • bartbes: on lapis
  • josefnpat: write it in moonscript
  • josefnpat: so it builds into lua
  • josefnpat: so it writes to bash
  • josefnpat: so it renders in php
  • bartbes: so a cgi-script can fill in some more template shit
  • bartbes: so a web server can serve it
  • bartbes: so a web browser can display it
  • bartbes: .. base-64 encoded
  • bartbes: so a user can decode it
  • josefnpat: and then you can send it over a TCP layer
  • josefnpat: with ssl
  • bartbes: so a user can enter make pinholes into a sheet of paper
  • bartbes: so a reader can read in the bits
  • bartbes: so a PDP-11 can execute a program
  • bartbes: so a user can type that program into a commodore 64
  • bartbes: so a user can type the resulting postscript into his printer (?)
  • josefnpat: that is daisy chained to a spectrum zx
  • bartbes: so a makefile appears on a sheet of paper
  • josefnpat: which is written in brail
  • bartbes: ..
  • bartbes: visual braille?
  • bartbes: that's genius

This is a presentation by Brian Kehrer, who worked at Muse Games during the development of Guns of Icarus Online. It talks about how it went from a horribly planned MMO, to a smash indie success, and how they got there!~

#LOVE on VaporOS, Vapor Machines and Vapor Controller

  • josefnpat: A demo's a demo
  • josefnpat: i don't see why not
  • josefnpat: slime has snakye in vapor
  • josefnpat: and I plan on putting my demos in it at some point
  • josefnpat: vapor is less about the games, and more about showing off the love engine
  • leafo: when is vapor controller coming out
  • leafo: vapor box
  • Kawata: lol
  • josefnpat: but because love is a 2d game engine, it's gotta be a game
  • leafo: welcome to the vapor universe
  • josefnpat: leafo: in the works
  • josefnpat: I have this raspberry pi attached for the vaporbox
  • josefnpat: and I have some strands of bare wire for the vapor controller
  • Kawata: revolutionary
  • josefnpat: you stick that wire into a power socket
  • Kawata: i never knew you could use wires to control the game
  • josefnpat: AN EXTRA 120V IF YOU'RE IN EUROPE
  • deniska: I got exclusive shots of vapor box
  • Kawata: lol
  • josefnpat: deniska: that's the prototype

Why hello bitmap...

  • <josefnpat|bork> i haven't see you in a while, bitmap.
  • <josefnpat|bork> wow bitmap
  • <josefnpat|bork> you've gained weight
  • <josefnpat|bork> you're 6MB
  • <josefnpat|bork> I hear there's this new miracle loss program
  • <josefnpat|bork> called PNG
  • <josefnpat|bork> Let's give it a shot
  • <josefnpat|bork> wow
  • <josefnpat|bork> now you're only 2.6MB
  • <josefnpat|bork> isn't it amazing what a little compression can do!
  • <slime> what are the dimensions of the image?
  • <slime> (and does it have any transparency?)
  • <josefnpat|bork> 1200x1704
  • <josefnpat|bork> no transpanency
  • <josefnpat|bork> it's a portrait that was sent to me
  • <josefnpat|bork> soory slime, that was mostly an interior dialog about how I recieved a 6MB BMP image
  • <slime> lol
"I know some people disagree, but fuck those people." Josh Homme source

Over the weekend, whilst doing a ton of other things, I managed to spend some time participating in the Bacon Game Jam 5!

I made the game, Sis, Help Me!

Check out and play my entry here!

Best webcomic evar.

I hate to enforce sterotypes, but I’ve been bitten by this one before.