• Consulting for *Mystery Company*, and *Mystery Person* walked in a minute ago, this was the conversation:
  • MP: CLICK!
  • Me: What?
  • MP: <makes click noise>
  • Me: What? I don't understand.
  • MP: Send the e-blast!
  • Me: Uhhh... ok

On two occasions I have been asked, “Pray, Mr. Babbage, if you put into the machine wrong figures, will the right answers come out?”

I am not able rightly to apprehend the kind of confusion of ideas that could provoke such a question.

— Charles Babbage, Passages from the Life of a Philosopher

Contracted, the drinking game

Take a drink;

* During any awkward conversation.
* Every time you think the protagonist should have gone to the hospital.
* Whenever something gross happens.
* If someone asks, “Are you OK?”

17 Almost Helpful Git Commands That Don’t Exist

  1. git assimilate: Randomly deletes 30% of your files and injects copies of the git assimilate plugin into the rest
  2. git retaliate: Attempts to remove copies of the git assimilate plugin from your repo.
  3. git attempt: Commit random un-staged files, ask for message, and then push.
  4. git attempt --with-ci: Same as git attempt but checks against continuous integration to see if it builds first.
  5. git when-did-it-break: Reverts commits sequentially until the repo compiles again.
  6. git fuck-my-boss-is-coming: Takes two random branches, and two random points in their history and gives you a failed merge.
  7. git asdfasdf: An alias for git fuck-my-boss-is-coming.
  8. git pretend-to-work [number of hours]: Make small whitespace changes and commit as several different commits over the past few hours.
  9. git steal-this: Sets up a git remote on a VPS and pushes every branch to it.
  10. git cvs: Prints “LOL”
  11. git commit --pass-the-buck: Selects a random user from the logs other than yourself, and commits as that user.
  12. git git: An alias for git in case you ever need to git git git git git git git git git git git git git git git git git git git commit
  13. git fuck-this: an alias for git reset --hard
  14. git hub: Uses name generator to pick a repo name, makes a github repo for you and pushes the current repo.
  15. git blame-intern [commit]: Does a git rebase to update a specific commit to change the author to an intern.
  16. git commit --insult: Generate British insults for commits, you git.
  17. git annoy: Separates your change-set to one commit per line.

Thank you Bartbes, Tanner and Guy for the help.

Bonus DLC Content:

Bonus DLC Content:

Overcomplicating makefiles

  • josefnpat: or should I make the repo?
  • bartbes: do that
  • josefnpat: ok, cool
  • josefnpat: the generate makefile for love
  • josefnpat: super smart
  • josefnpat: I like this idea
  • josefnpat: tons
  • bartbes: let's overcomplicate this
  • bartbes: we'll steal leafo's templating lib
  • josefnpat: hahah
  • bartbes: then run it from moonscript
  • bartbes: on lapis
  • josefnpat: write it in moonscript
  • josefnpat: so it builds into lua
  • josefnpat: so it writes to bash
  • josefnpat: so it renders in php
  • bartbes: so a cgi-script can fill in some more template shit
  • bartbes: so a web server can serve it
  • bartbes: so a web browser can display it
  • bartbes: .. base-64 encoded
  • bartbes: so a user can decode it
  • josefnpat: and then you can send it over a TCP layer
  • josefnpat: with ssl
  • bartbes: so a user can enter make pinholes into a sheet of paper
  • bartbes: so a reader can read in the bits
  • bartbes: so a PDP-11 can execute a program
  • bartbes: so a user can type that program into a commodore 64
  • bartbes: so a user can type the resulting postscript into his printer (?)
  • josefnpat: that is daisy chained to a spectrum zx
  • bartbes: so a makefile appears on a sheet of paper
  • josefnpat: which is written in brail
  • bartbes: ..
  • bartbes: visual braille?
  • bartbes: that's genius

This is a presentation by Brian Kehrer, who worked at Muse Games during the development of Guns of Icarus Online. It talks about how it went from a horribly planned MMO, to a smash indie success, and how they got there!~

#LOVE on VaporOS, Vapor Machines and Vapor Controller

  • josefnpat: A demo's a demo
  • josefnpat: i don't see why not
  • josefnpat: slime has snakye in vapor
  • josefnpat: and I plan on putting my demos in it at some point
  • josefnpat: vapor is less about the games, and more about showing off the love engine
  • leafo: when is vapor controller coming out
  • leafo: vapor box
  • Kawata: lol
  • josefnpat: but because love is a 2d game engine, it's gotta be a game
  • leafo: welcome to the vapor universe
  • josefnpat: leafo: in the works
  • josefnpat: I have this raspberry pi attached for the vaporbox
  • josefnpat: and I have some strands of bare wire for the vapor controller
  • Kawata: revolutionary
  • josefnpat: you stick that wire into a power socket
  • Kawata: i never knew you could use wires to control the game
  • josefnpat: AN EXTRA 120V IF YOU'RE IN EUROPE
  • deniska: I got exclusive shots of vapor box
  • Kawata: lol
  • josefnpat: deniska: that's the prototype

Why hello bitmap...

  • <josefnpat|bork> i haven't see you in a while, bitmap.
  • <josefnpat|bork> wow bitmap
  • <josefnpat|bork> you've gained weight
  • <josefnpat|bork> you're 6MB
  • <josefnpat|bork> I hear there's this new miracle loss program
  • <josefnpat|bork> called PNG
  • <josefnpat|bork> Let's give it a shot
  • <josefnpat|bork> wow
  • <josefnpat|bork> now you're only 2.6MB
  • <josefnpat|bork> isn't it amazing what a little compression can do!
  • <slime> what are the dimensions of the image?
  • <slime> (and does it have any transparency?)
  • <josefnpat|bork> 1200x1704
  • <josefnpat|bork> no transpanency
  • <josefnpat|bork> it's a portrait that was sent to me
  • <josefnpat|bork> soory slime, that was mostly an interior dialog about how I recieved a 6MB BMP image
  • <slime> lol